Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are made by original manufacturers. No counterfeit or inferior dolls here. We have the vendor certification from the factory in our homepage.

Cancellations Policy

While we offer the most flexible return policies of any sex doll distributor around the world, it’s important that once you place an order including making a deposit, or paying for it in full, your purchase is considered a final sale.

Order processing starts within 8 hours of receipt of your payments — the factory begins work on your customized doll or our team begins to pack your in-stock doll. This means that materials are purchased, time is pre-allocated and costs are incurred. We may not meet our delivery guidelines if we did not work to such strict time constraints. Please make sure your order is correct before you hit the submit button.

The general policy by which we currently offer refunds/exchanges/cancellations is outlined below. All restocking fee is based on the total amount of your order.

Cancel within 12 hours – 10% non-refundable restocking fee
Cancel after 12 hours but before shipping (in production) – 20% non-refundable restocking fee
Doll has been nearly finished but before shipping – 30% non-refundable restocking fee
Why do we charge restocking fees? The reason is simple: There are a lot of costs associated with processing an order. The customer representative has to deal with more costs to handle the sale–communicate with the buyers and the manufacturers. If you cancel a finished doll, we have to keep costs (and thus prices) down when dealing with this unsuccessful order/sale. An in-stock doll order involves packing and a customizable order involves further material (production) and time costs. The time and materials involved in inspecting, repackaging, and restocking are not insignificant.

Please don’t place any orders until you’re sure of what you want. Once you decide to pay, you should be fully committed to keeping them in place. Check factory photos of the doll or a similar doll before you place an order. If you have any questions before purchasing, we are happy to help you!

However, you will not be charged any fees to add items, change items anytime prior to processing the order. An order cannot be changed or canceled once it has been processed since it’s a personal custom-made product. In the event your order has already been in processing, any changes or cancellation would be subject to our Return & Exchange Policy.

Returns Policy

Damages & Warranty
We do not offer refunds for any other reason other than it’s a wrong doll on arrival.

– Wrong Dolls
When you receive the doll and you find it looks absolutely different from the factory pictures or website, just show us an unboxing video (with the whole body, head, shipping label, and outside package box ). We will report and check to our factory and shipping carrier, and arrange a new replacement for you.

– Damaged Dolls
You should file a claim with the shipping carrier on receipt of your package if it is severely damaged. A new replacement will be arranged depending on how severe the damage is. For slight damage, we will provide all the necessary kits to help you fix the item.

So you must inspect it from head to toe before using it on receipt of the doll. It should be brand new and non-washed. This is very important. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction, please feel free to contact us within 24 hours. It is also important to include as much detail as possible including any images and videos, in which case email us at [email protected]. We can then work to resolve the issue.

If the item is damaged due to improper use, you are not eligible for any return or exchange. You must have common sense and take care of the item to avoid any damage to the product.

We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

Orders as below cannot be canceled:

– Order with implanted hair cannot be canceled as implanted hair is handmade and time costs are huge.
– Silicone doll orders cannot be canceled because it costs much than TPE if the factory processes the order.
– In-stock dolls. We will ship it on receipt of your order if you choose in-stock dolls. The shipping carrier may take it while you cancel it, and we cannot recall the package as it may cost a lot of shipping fees.
Before you place an order, please make sure everything works correctly.

However, you will not be charged any fees to add items, change items anytime prior to processing the order. An order cannot be changed or canceled once it has been processed since it’s a personal custom-made product. In the event your order has already been in processing, any changes or cancellation would be subject to our Return & Exchange Policy.

What is not covered under the guarantee?
– User damage – All of the dolls have been performed a quality check before we ship to you. When you use the doll, please take care. Any suspicious and user-generated damage will not be covered. To learn more about caring for the dolls, please visit this page.
– Used Dolls – Any dolls which have been used will not be eligible under the guarantee.
Skin imperfections – It’s normal that the skin color looks slightly different on computer screens versus the one you receive.
– Finger & Toe Nails – The nails on the dolls may become loose during shipping or afterwhile you receive the package as we just use light glue to make sure nails can be removed by the buyer. If a nail falls off, just use our lash & nail glue to re-attach it.
– Loose Eyelash – A protective eye mask (spongy) will be attached to the doll’s face to protect her eyes. Even if the eyelash falls off, you can re-attach it with our lash & nail glue by yourself.
– Makeup Difference – We have made our efforts to re-create the makeup made by the photographer in the picture. However, it’s not guaranteed to match 100%. Every doll may differ slightly from the picture. In the rare event, you don’t like it, you can remove the makeup and create makeup as you prefer.
– Heating and moaning – please make sure the heating and moaning option works well on receipt of your doll. We don’t cover this if it disconnected while you use it. The factory can repair it if the buyer pays for the shipping. (never disconnected if used in an appropriate way.)

If you have any problem with your order, please send an email to [email protected].

No, sorry that our warehouse license doesn’t support visiting or picking up the parcel anymore, and here are our ready doll images for you to check the doll body, and you can also email us for the real doll pictures.

1)Minor imperfections are not considered damage and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. Minor imperfections include skin blemishes, scratches, marks, compression marks, dents, micro-cuts, slight variations in the skin's surface, loose or missing fingernails/toenails, loose or missing eyelashes, minor discrepancies and inconsistency with facial make-up, and/ or body make-up.

2)Minor skin imperfections and slight variations in the skin's surface caused by the manufacturing process such as injection sites and seam lines from the moulds are not considered defects and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. We like to think of these as "birthmarks" that make your doll unique.

3)Minor skin damage caused by courier/transport companies that is easily repairable, such as slight cuts, abrasions etc on the skin where DollsActually can provide assistance and tools to repair. Customers are expected to make reasonable attempts to repair as per DollsActually's advice.

4)Finger & toenails on the dolls occasionally become loose during transit. If they are loose, simply remove them and re-apply with nail glue as guided in our cleaning & maintenance page.

5)Eyelashes occasionally can also become loose, simply follow the instructions as guided in our cleaning & maintenance page.

6)Every doll is hand-made, including the application of semi-permanent makeup. As a result, there will be minor discrepancies with every doll being slightly unique. You will receive photos of your doll before it is shipped from the workshop. If the makeup is substantially different from what you were expecting, this will be noticed and can be rectified before the doll leaves the workshop. We trust that customers will point out any issues when viewing the photos sent via email.

As above, used dolls are not eligible for, but we are open to resolving issues and helping where we can.

7)User damage – If any damage is deemed to be caused by mishandling or negligence by the customer, the doll will not be covered. This includes hyperextension of limbs and tears caused by mishandling. We reserve the right to review the doll and evaluate the source of damage with all the information provided. A final decision will be made at the discretion of our company.

If you have made any specific requests or have custom requirements (including change of skin colour/ nipple size/ vagina colour etc), your doll is considered customised and made to order for you and you only. We will happily discuss returning and refunding the sex doll if you are not happy with it, but we cannot guarantee a refund. Your case will be considered individually.

We offer a price match for all dolls, this policy is only available for authentic dolls. For more details, view the price match policy.
(Then we make a single page for this)

We offer the Lowest PRICE MATCH Guarantee on all silicone & TPE sex dolls. Did you find a better price? If you find another doll that you like better or a better price please let us know and we will try to match it. Click the Request Price Match button on any of our product pages and we will match the lowest price.


-Only if the other seller is also selling genuine, certified dolls. We cannot match the prices of sellers who sell inferior black-market dolls (incl. AliExpress, Alibaba, DHGate, etc)
-The doll must be identical, (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color, wm dolls, una doll, jy doll, ….)
-Only price match on final price at the same options.
-Not valid on offers advertised as a percentage off or dollar off on competitor site (e.g., “15% off” or “$5 off”)
-Not valid on damaged, used, or refurbished dolls
-Not valid on dolls that other retailers have listed as clearance, closeout, liquidation, special hour/flash/limited quantity offers.

Our customer service would be in communication with you at all times. Once your dolls are ready to be shipped, we’ll send videos and photos for you to confirm before we make the final shipping.

You can easily create a customized sex doll by choosing all the special parts you want included, and we’ll create it for you. Check out our home page for more details.

With great care and good maintenance, our sex dolls have been known to last as long as 10 years!

The total average time from order to delivery is 4 weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on your location, your choice of doll, or the time of year and the manufacturer of your doll.

We sell only high-quality sex dolls, hence they do not produce odors or oils often. However, every once in a week, you’ll need to clean and wipe down your doll. Check out our instruction page to know how to care for your doll.

Cleaning your doll is quite inexpensive. You only require everyday lotions and materials readily accessible. These include combs, mild antibacterial soaps, a soft washcloth, a vaginal irrigator(provided), towels, and vaselines or baby oils. Easy right!

The built-in or fixed vagina is exactly how it sounds. The vagina is built-in to the doll just like a real woman. The removable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the doll. The tube is held in place by the doll’s labia.

Which is better? It depends on your needs. Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina as it provided the most realistic experience, however the removable vagina is easier to clean and replace.

If you value complete realism you’ll want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop-out and clean after use you should consider the removable vagina.

TPE materials have become more popular because it is softer and flexibable for each free sex position, also can be done oral sex.The price is also competive than silicone dolls, but it is more sensitive to stains and heat and needs frequent maintenance.

Silicone material doll with Hyper-realistic appearance, easy to clean,insensitive to heat,non-staining, low maintenance, but they are more expensiveand less flexible that it will be difficult to make them rigid to use, and sexual experience is not much better than TPE.

We give a short time window for customers to be sure of their order before production and shipping. If you extend this time window, you’ll be charged a certain percentage for a canceled order.

We accept all major credit card and debit cards, including paypal.