While our sex dolls are durable, great care and maintenance should be taken to ensure they last as long as they should. Thus, we encourage our customers to go through these instructions to learn how to take care of their dolls.


Be careful not to use a knife or very sharp objects when you’re unboxing to prevent rupturing the doll. Use a fairly blunt material and unbox gently.

Storing your doll

Storing your doll properly is essential to ensuring your new doll has a long and happy life.
Do not store the doll in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration, instead store at room temperature.
Do not store the doll in damp environments.
Avoid bathrooms/ garages or other storage areas that can become damp.
Ensure you always return the doll to its optimum natural position after use (arms by the side and legs together). Do not leave the doll in extended r stretched positions for a long time, to prevent stretching and tearing of body parts.
Do not carry the doll using any of the body parts, limbs or head, instead lift it all together and hold the body when lifting.


Take great care when using your dolls. Each body part has a designated range of movement, and should not be extended beyond this range to prevent rupture.

  • Use the doll on soft materials or foam. Don’t use them against hard surfaces for long, because it may flatten the breasts or bottom and take time before it gets back to shape
  • The doll has several movable joints and pieces that make her flexible and able to operate in different poses. Be careful however not to extend the limbs beyond these poses.
    1. Ensure the turning of the head to the right or left, and then bending forward or backward does not exceed 45 degrees.
    2. Each arm can be raised to about 60 degrees angle from the body. If extending the arms backward, be sure not to exceed 10 degrees.
    3. The wrists can bend up and down at an angle of 45 degrees.
    4. The waist can bend forward or backward at an angle of 40 degrees. This angle might reduce if the chest is thrust out, hence be careful not to overextend your doll.
    5. The thighs and legs of the doll can be extended at an optimum angle of 100 degrees. Beyond this, you’ll be placing great strain on the doll and may lead to future rupturing of parts.
    6. The legs may be bent at the knee to an angle of 100 degrees.
      These movement angles are recommended to get the best out of your dolls.
  • Avoid dropping your doll, or knocking her against hard surfaces which could cause damage just like a real person.
  • When you have sex with your doll from behind, support the torso of your doll with pillows to prevent straining her.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You’ll have to clean your sex dolls often to ensure they’re always neat and ready for your needs. For TPE dolls, you’ll have to be careful with the use of moisture since they have slightly porous skins in order to prevent mold.

  • Use low trickles of water when cleaning, do not spray high pressure water on the doll when cleaning.
  • Do not use hard sponges, brushes or abrasive soaps on your dolls.
  • Allow the doll to dry thoroughly after washing.
  • Use clean warm water and towels to wipe down your dolls. For the vagina, if it is an insert, remove and clean gently. If it’s a fixed vagina, then be careful not to cause mold in the body parts.
  • Using too much water may lead to rusting of metal parts in your dolls, hence you have to be very careful with this.